Ethics & Sustainability


Sustainability is at the heart of Ziorva. All the jewellery is crafted right here in the UK. This ensures that the finest quality materials are used and fair production methods are in place. It also minimises carbon footprint. To give you an insight into how your jewellery is made, I've detailed the process below.


It all starts with my sketches. I always carry a notebook and draw whenever inspiration strikes. Inspiration for the Skyset collection comes from the skyline. Looking up and seeing the bold outlines of modern architecture set against the colourful backdrop of the sky. In particular, the dynamic shades of pink and blue present during sunrise and sunset. I hope to capture a glimpse of that captivating skyline in each Ziorva piece.


Initial sketches are refined until each piece brings delight and fits effortlessly into the collection. I then create detailed technical drawings, using mathematical measurements. These drawings show the intricate details of the pieces from different angles. Each technical drawing is brought to life in a 3D model through the form of Computer Aided Design. A delicate wax model of the piece is then created which preserves the intricacies of each design.

From there, a special mould is formed from which the item can be cast in solid gold. The gold used in the casting process by Ziorva is 100% recycled, 9ct solid gold. It is cast with the utmost care in a boutique facility in the UK. The recycled gold is sourced from a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council who only uses "conflict-free" minerals, ensuring that the recycled gold is produced in a socially correct as well as ethically & environmentally sound manner. Any additional solid gold components required to finalise Ziorva designs are also responsibly sourced.


Once the items are cast, they are delivered to expert craftsmen in London's iconic Hatton Garden who carefully finish and polish each piece. Each gemstone is set by hand with the utmost care and precision. Gemstones have been responsibly cut and are hand selected for their radiance and meaning. They are sourced from a reputable company who has taken the time to visit the factories where they are produced, confident that employees are treated well and fairly. Only conflict-free diamonds, which adhere to the Kimberley Process, are featured in Ziorva jewellery. You can read more about the Kimberley Process here.


After the pieces are beautifully finished, they are hallmarked by the iconic Goldsmith's Assay Office in London (or the historic Birmingham Assay Office), certifying that they are 9ct solid gold. They are then packaged in luxurious boxes which have been specially created from FSC certified card to ensure our forests are protected for future generations. The protective tissue paper & postal boxes which surround the jewellery for transit are also FSC certified.

This is the love and care that goes into creating each Ziorva piece. Please know that every piece you purchase is doing its own little bit for our environment. 

Lorna X